Equal Read Research

Equal Read Research

Claude Steele and other experts in education and social psychology clearly demonstrate the impact of stereotype threat on learners’ success. Other researchers show that stereotypes develop as early as preschool and books can impact that development. Equal Read is testing the impact of broadly diverse and representative classroom book collections on identity-safe classrooms. 

The Handbook of Research on Literacy and Diversity, edited by Morrow, Rueda and Lapp, and others clearly document that engagement is a key factor in determining literacy success.  And, teachers and librarians repeatedly note that representative literature encourages engagement in learning. Indeed, engagement is a key predictor of overall academic success. 

Equal Read believes that more diversity in children’s literature can improve learning outcomes, expand children’s understanding of themselves and the world, and counter stereotypes. Working with researchers from the University of California, Stanford University, and other experts in education, Equal Read is building research-based programs for schools and libraries.

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